Established in 1993, Respro® (UK) Ltd is a leading player in developing solutions to problems found in the urban sports environment. A British Company, Respro® produces uniquely exportable products and a brand range that works both at a local and a global level. From its UK manufacturing base, it currently supplies products to over 26 countries.

Respro® develops products under three distinctive brands: Respro® Masks, Hi-Viz™ and Team Respro®. These products are brought about by observation and a challenge to make things better. They are intrinsically valuable, assisting in the solution to problems that exist in work and leisure activities. Whether they are anti-pollution masks, reflective safety gear or race support products, they incorporate quality materials and up-to-date technology, and involve considerable research time identifying problems to better accommodate user needs. Respro’s successful reputation is underpinned by quality, reliability, creative style, pragmatic attitude, attention to detail and soul; a mix of characteristics that makes Respro® unique in its field with a reputation for bold, creative and functional design solutions.

Respro® Masks have been manufactured and distributed from the UK for over 20 years and can still claim the title of ‘the original and the best’. The range is expanding into new markets worldwide as the need for protection from pollution in the urban environments increases. Increased awareness of air quality, due to pollution episodes across the globe, has made it a permanent topic of discussion and one that is firmly on the world map. As coal and wood fire burning together with the threat caused by petrol and diesel burning vehicles, continue to reduce air quality to harmful levels, Respro®Masks provides a solution to the pollution issue while making a statement about the air we breathe. It is a product of our time.

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Respro products sold via our website are delivered by BikeChain Group Pty Ltd, part of the BikeSportz Imports Pty Ltd family (official Australian Respro distributor). BikeChain is a marketplace delivering premium cycling apparel, parts, accessories and nutrition.

BikeChain’s mission is to support the growth and success of all cyclists, and the broader cycling community.